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Daca cunoasteti si alte siteuri va rugam sa scrieti prin mesaj in partea de jos a pagini

We are an agency specializing in website promotion, SEO, creating promotional campaigns Google AdWords. A good web site
promotion makes the site well positioned in search, being a way to attract new customers. 

Online Website Promotion - Most Internet users use Google search engine. They do not go to the front page when looking for a
site by the key word you want. Thus, it is essential that your site be ranked first, on the first page of Google for the most important keywords on the site.

Site promotion requires manual registration in search engines, Romanian and foreign web directories to increase site popularity, PR transfer - page rank, building links to your site graphic ads - text or banners - on site Google Partner through the Google
Display Network, social networking (Facebook promotion, Youtube, Google+,Twitter), or Youtube Ads promotion.

Google Adwords Website Promotion

Google Adwords is a Pay Per Click promotion service (PPC or pay per click) being the best known online promotion service, a
way to promote your site with immediate results. In a short time, your ad can get to a top position in Google.

Website Promotion Service includes:

»Search engine enrollment, English and international directories

»Create Business Social Networks Accounts: Facebook, Youtube, Google+, and Twitter

»Manage social network accounts, integrate them into the site 

»Google Adwords Campaigns

»Banner Promotion - Campaigns on Google Partner Sites through the Google Display Network

»Ad campaigns.

»Video Advertising Campaigns - Youtube Ads.

Website Promotion Prices, Google Promotion Fees

How much does a website promotion campaign cost? You can choose to Promote the site at a time or choose Long Term Promotional Packages (we recommend at least 3 months). 

Site Promotion prices are affordable and start at 50 euro + VAT. For a fair estimate, we'll need to know which Website Promotion services you want (Google Adwords campaigns, social networking, web directories, banner promotion campaigns).

For more information on Website promotion, do not hesitate to contact us.