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Maybe you've heard of us.

Maybe from a friend who sold his house with us, or maybe from an acquaintance who could not sell his apartment for months and by appealing to us he managed in a very short time.

Or perhaps from a relative who wanted to buy his home where he dreamed and came to us, we turned his dream into reality.

Or maybe a colleague at work told you that thanks to us he found advantageous rent in a building near the workplace.

Or perhaps in the written or audio-visual press where the great real estate transactions that we brokered were reported.

Sure you have heard of us because we have the most selling or rental properties in our portfolio. Of course you have heard of us because we are the strongest real estate agency, being present on all major real estate portals and the simplest search online leads to us.

Or maybe you have not heard of us, you are likely not to have heard, considering that most of the Romanians do no more than two real estate transactions in their entire lives.

Perhaps you do not know that our company has won the most important awards and many awards in this field.

But the most important thing is to know that we can help you when you want to trade a real estate by providing you with our services that put your needs in the center.



Properties for sale / rent



Project for your dream house


Real estate administration


Experienced Administrator, I am currently managing 8 blocks, I offer complete real estate management services \ Blocks \ Owners' Associations, Employers, Accounting, Evidence, Computerized List!


Real Estate Agents


Real estate agency

Intermediary real estate services:

● Real estate sales

● Rental of real estate

● Buying properties - Long term

● Real Estate Exchanges - Temporary - Hotel Regime

Types of properties we are intermingling:a.

Residential: Apartments, houses, villas, cottages, landb.

Commercial: Sections, halls, office buildings, showrooms, commercial spaces, apartments, service houses, concrete platforms, land, forests, hotels and boarding houses.

What do we offer for real estate brokerage?

1. We advise you throughout the transaction

• We present you the conditions of cooperation and we keep you informed about the stage of your real estate

• We will make real estate presentations

• We provide you with the best deals in our database, which we will study and analyze for you

• We assure you assistance in drafting the pre-contracts and the contract of sale-purchase or rental

• We will negotiate the sales and / or rental conditions for you

• We will negotiate with you the price of the building

2. We offer legal and financial-banking consulting

• We will prepare the service contract for the offer or application

• We present you the tax legislation in force: sales tax, rent tax, notary fees, VAT (5% or 24%), etc.

• We help you prepare documents for sale-purchase or rental of the real estate

• We will sign, as a witness, the sale-purchase pre-contracts

• We will schedule for you the moment of signing the contract to the notary

• We will be with you in front of the notary at the time of signing the purchase contract in authentic form

• We present the credit conditions of our partner banks

• We present the credit rules of the "First Home"

3. We provide you with a good promotion of your offer

• Promote your offer on the agency site

• We publish the offer on specialized real estate sites with local, regional and national impact

• We promote the offer to national and international investors

• We promote real estate through collaborations with partner agencies in the country and abroad

You Want to Sell Your Building


Teai saturated to look for your client for your real estate

Come to us at your disposal We will help you with the sale of the real estate


Looking to Buy Real Estate


The search for buying a real estate gives you the chauffeures you are at discovery to find a perfect property according to your wishes


Intermediaries Projects Houses


You are the Designer or the company that is creating projects and you are struggling to find your clients